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Interzone Records Forte Records
Boris Divider Digital Mind EP Satamile 29 

After Decal, Bytecon, Exzakt or EMS, Boris Divider joins today the prized ring of the artists published on Satamile. Proof of the deserved and unlimited fame of this Madrid based talent with impeccable discography since 2002 on structures such as Dona-Li, Drivecom, Psi49net or Omniam. With "Digital Mind", the Spanish signs a very melodic four... read more
Nexus 6, 27/02/2006 12'' electro

Digital Mind EP
V/A - No otha mutha / Stars on 33 - 33 Throwdown 07 

In the vein of Howlin' Records and B Boy Beats & Pieces productions, 33 Throwdown's seventh release will satisfy all the lovers of Old School sonorities. Launched by Dj Atomic Dog and Just Brian, the British label finds again one of its best representatives in the name of Dj Dren, who took also part of its creation back in 2002 (Million Dollar... read more
Nexus 6, 10/02/2006 12'' electro

No otha mutha / Stars on 33
Muallem - Frankie Splits - Compost 208 

Half way between urban Hip Hop and sweet House, "Frankie Splits" signs David Muallem's first album. Author of two recent EP's on Michael Reinboth's eclectic structure, this 26-year old talent from Munich delivers today a remarkable opus with Anglo-Saxons sonorities. And we must talk about a real feat here so much this fourteen cuts CD (plus a... read more
Nexus 6, 09/02/2006 CD downtempo

Frankie Splits
V/A - Over the counter culture vol.1 - Spacebar Sentiments 01 

Hard to avoid this incredible production with careful design, available in most of the current charts. First of a series of four compilations to be released on Volsoc ex-member Jean-Paul Bondy's new label (Compost, Delikat Records, Noodles Discotheque), "Over The Counter Culture" successes at the same time to gather altogether artists with... read more
Nexus 6, 08/02/2006 12'' electro

Over the counter culture vol.1
SoulWeaver - Parra Attack EP - Touchin' Bass 19 Ltd 

Once again Touchin' Bass innovates by changing its format. Having tried the CD on "Nobody's Perfect" retrospective, then the double pack on the highly acclaimed "Subsidence" compilation, Andrea Parker's label offers today a limited 10'' signed by another young talent. Early influenced by the graffiti scene, London based Lee Hoare starts out with... read more
Nexus 6, 07/02/2006 10'' electro

Parra Attack EP
Brixton - Katzenpech - Holzplatten 81 

The German underground structure ends the year in a fantastic way with two hard techno longplayers from Holzplatten mastermind Brixton. The amazing Düsseldorf based artist shows worthy of the best producers on "Komm", a dancefloor killer cut marked by a heavy rhythmic, a devastating break, some exotic vocals, few funky chords and lots of hallucinating distortions. Something to make you loose your mind believe us! On the reverse, "Bah" offers an overbid of sounds, combining striking bass line and explosive synthetic tonalities. A dark and aggressive must have!
Nexus 6, 03/02/2006 12'' techno

Tone Cluster - The 2nd Diversion - Affected Music 17 

If the year has been rather quiet as for the releases on Damo Foster and Jay Pearce's label, 2006 should be full of surprises with forthcoming productions from Maetrik Vs Mariel Ito, Life Project, Bryan Zentz or Paul Mac to name a few. Meanwhile, London based structure returns with Scape One second output under his Tone Cluster moniker. This long... read more
Nexus 6, 02/02/2006 12'' electro

The 2nd Diversion
Mossa - Black Bananas - Circus Company 10 

At last a Paris based electronic structure able to blow some fresh air and avant-gardism into a French clubby scene yet too much sclerosed by House music. Following the German minimal stream, Circus Company knows since 2003 a real success thanks not only to the choice of its artists (Ark, Nôze, Aysam...) but also to the daring, open-minded and... read more
Nexus 6, 01/02/2006 12'' techno

Black Bananas
Infiniti & J-Break - Science Fiction - Troubadour Records 05 

Deeply influenced by Scott Weiser's electrocore musical style (Joey Boy, Hallucination, Rephlex, Jive Electro), his partner on the Cyberian Knights project, Jason Metsala signs the fifth release of the young Breakbeat structure Troubadour, located in Florida. Like his previous works on Millenium Breaks, AfterDark Records and Warped Records labels,... read more
Nexus 6, 31/01/2006 12'' breaks

Science Fiction
Shinedoe - Underspell - Trapez 56 

Trapez gives us a new fabulous minimal release with lots of deep and hypnotizing sounds. This time the conductor is Shinadoe which directs his machines smoothly and cleverly. Thanks to this way, rhythms are slightly bouncy and synthesizers get high during two long tracks which seem to be too short, like the best moments!! We become completely addicted and we play this EP until our turntable gets exhausted. Wow?? It is already finished?? Nooo...
David, 15/12/2005 12'' house

V/A - Isar Gold Compiled By Benjamin Fröhlich - Compost 201 CD 

Good surprises never come alone! To accompany the launch of "Freshly Composted", Michael Reinboth's label announces the simultaneous release of "Isar Gold, Nuggets From Munich's Vital Artist, Label And Club Scene". Selected by Benjamin Fröhlich, this sublime compilation pays tribute to Munich's well known sound from where famous structures like... read more
Nexus 6, 14/12/2005 CD

Isar Gold Compiled By Benjamin Fröhlich
Gui Boratto - Arquipélago - K2 04 

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world. It is also the new Mayer's label. The first EPs had a good start and are already support by many DJs. The sound is minimal (of course!!), melodic and a little bit dark. Gui Boratto loves that and brings us two amazing tracks with lots of groovy and melancholic strings. It's not very original but this... read more
David, 13/12/2005 12'' house