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Electro CLUST Resonant Recordings
Edmx & Yuri Suzuki It's House EP Affected Music 19 

Owner of well known and respected Breakin' Records label in England, Edward Upton (Howlin', Devon Records) appears for the very first time on Jay Pearce and Damo Foster's structure. Associated with Japanese Yuri Suzuki (Blue Line), Edmx delivers today, despite of its ambiguous title, an amazing electro focused dancefloor EP. On A side, "It's... read more
Nexus 6, 10/05/2006 12'' electro

It's House EP
Spank Rock Sweet Talk Big Dada 092 

Early influenced by James Brown's energy, Naeem Juwan aka MC Spank Rock introduces the very first single taken from his "Yoyoyoyoyo" album published this year on february. Declined in three distinctive remixes, "Sweet Talk" appears first in its unfortunately too short "Radio Edit" version. Supported by the Typical Girls voice, Baltimora based... read more
Nexus 6, 09/05/2006 CD breaks

Sweet Talk
Microthol - Microkosmos - Trust 11 

Microthol in long format, here's what Dj Glow's label offers today with the very first album of Philipp Haffner and Constantin Zeileissen. Well known for its brilliant minimal experiments on Trust, Pomelo, Puzzlebox or indigo:inc, the Vienna based duo signs here a high quality opus combining with success electro sonorities, acid loops and... read more
Nexus 6, 21/04/2006 CD electro

V/A - Hart Und Troken Vol.3 - Ex-Fusion Records 03 

If the second release from the young German label Ex-fusion was a little bit confusing, this Picture Disc (limited to 500 copies) convinces perfectly! As usual since its launch, the Solingen structure gathers together four talents for a feverish hard-techno focused compilation. On the flip, Crazy X-Ray (Giant & Dwarf, Decomplex Audio) opens fire... read more
Nexus 6, 19/04/2006 12'' techno

Hart Und Troken Vol.3
Trestristestigres - No Windows No TV EP - Metalik 01 

This is the first output of the very promising electro label Metalik from the like of Trestristestigres. Having done some brilliant works on Dona-Li and Kône, the Spanish trio featuring Christian Ruiz, Jordi Carreras aka Dj Gore and Carlos Fraile, signs here a high quality three cuts EP made of heading melodies. On A side, "No Windows No Tv", with... read more
Nexus 6, 17/04/2006 12'' electro

No Windows No TV EP
A1 People - No One Likes A Smartarse EP - Satamile 30 

You maybe heard them already on Hydrogen Dukebox, their favourite label. Yet, here they come today on Satamile! Authors of three albums, about ten 12'' and as much remixes, Simeon Bowring and Matt Early, a famous UK duo in the London clubs since 1997, deliver here three fearsome cuts deliberately focused on the dancefloor. On A side, colourful... read more
Nexus 6, 23/03/2006 12'' electro

No One Likes A Smartarse EP
V/A - Spiegelwelten / Dark Ages - Holzplatten 82 

Three new recruits come to reinforce this month the Holzplatten pool of artists. On A side, the Reichow brothers under their Drumcomplex moniker (Toneman, TST, Rotation Records) join together with Chris Binder (Friendly Fire Records, Primal Confusion, PlanetNatus) to offer a strictly destructive "Spiegelwelten". In a hard techno register, the cut... read more
Nexus 6, 22/03/2006 12'' techno

Spiegelwelten / Dark Ages
Umwelt - Galvanic Vestibular Simulation - Satamile 33 

No doubt Umwelt will join the closed ring of the best electro producers of the year with his very first electro album on Satamile. Let's say straightaway that this fantastic opus appears today as an essential output and seduces as much for the quality of its tracks than for the unique touch of the artist. Both available in double vinyl (eight... read more
Nexus 6, 21/03/2006 2x12'' electro

Galvanic Vestibular Simulation
Newcleus - Destination Earth - Dominance Electricity 30 

No need to introduce Newcleus, one of the most influencial Hip Hop quatuor of all time based in NY in the mid 80's, precursor of the electrofunk genre and author of classics "Jam On Revenge", "Computer Age", "Jam On It" or "Space Is The Place". Following the wave of the unexpected comebacks initiated over the last few months by Egyptian Lover or... read more
Nexus 6, 20/03/2006 12'' electro

Destination Earth
Lowfish Science Persuades Best EP Satamile 31 

Well known from the other part of the Atlantic for his numerous works on labels such as Ersatz Audio, Ghostly International and Succion since 1997, Gregory de Rocher is often classified as an electronica artist. Early influenced by Nitzer Ebb industrial music, then by the Warp Records sound experiments, the Canadian signs today a fearsome neo-post... read more
Nexus 6, 02/03/2006 12'' electro

Science Persuades Best EP
Spinks 21 Knockouts EP Buffalo Frequency 03 

Temptation is often high, in particular after successes such like the one encountered by Buffalo Frequency 02, to reedit the exploit by offering new tracks approximately similar to the previous ones. Thanks God, talented Spinks aka Nadi Poraz (Doxa, Helicon, Ak Duck) doesn't fall into the trap. Taken from his live-act performed from UK to Japan... read more
Nexus 6, 01/03/2006 12'' electro

21 Knockouts EP
V/A Over The Counter Culture Vol.2 Spacebar Sentiments 02 

Second chapter of the highly corrosive quadrilogy initiated by Jean Paul Bondy! If two of the four artists featured today on the 12'' have already appeared on the previous release, Bass Kittens & Volum give away their place to Edward J Devane for an extremely dark "Money For Beer", half way between electro breaks and 4/4 experiments. As for Pal... read more
Nexus 6, 28/02/2006 12'' electro

Over The Counter Culture Vol.2