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1L Startin' Somethin' EP [k]racktroni[k] 08 

Having produced his two CD albums "Das Nonstop-Programm" and "Bot Box" on Res-Freq (see the previous reviews on atome), 1L delivers today his very first solo release! Spotted by the excellent electro breaks UK structure leaded by Sir Real & 8-Bit Apocalypse, Mitch Davis brings in five cuts the brilliant demonstration of a unique savoir faire combined with an unlimited creative potential. To start in overture with his impressive rework of Michael Jackson's hit "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", in an irresistible robotic funk register. If the track witnesses of an incredible deride sense, "Lektrail" turns into a serious dancefloor bomb marrying with skill bleepy sounds and dark atmospheres. On the flip, New-York based artist keeps the pressure and the interest with "That's How I Rockit", a mental killer tune based upon a rather linear bass line enhanced by alienating filtered vocals (also available as a bonus track in the "Vocal Scratch" version"). As much superb though more powerful, "Boot" offers to a harsh rhythmic some subtle computer sounds embellished with stirring old school layers. At last, "Le Waif" signs a sumptuous home listening piece marked by 80's influences and amazing vintage synthesiser flights. Rich and eclectic, this successful EP is the perfect joining between a full of talent fresh blood and a label focused on discoveries. Essential and innovative!
Nexus 6, 21/11/2005 12'' electro

Startin' Somethin' EP