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Chris Liebing - Live in Beograd (Double Mix CD Compilation) - CLR 

This time, I'm not going to talk about the actual producers who were included on this mix, I guess you all know what to expect from Chris, there's a much interesting story to be read. The mix was recorded in Belgrade on March 19th 2005 at KPGT (note: Beograd is actual Serbian name for the city and it means "a white town"). Why Belgrade? You have to hear the mix and read the cover story written by Petar Dundov (Zagreb, Croatia) who was playing that night with Mark Wee - a DJ & one of the party organizers and Chris himself, where they talk about their adventure driving from Zagreb to Belgrade and everything that was happening in past 15 years. Then, you will understand the message behind it, about the past wars in the Balkans and the people from neighbouring Bosnia and Croatia who came to Belgrade, joined by music, despite everything that happened before. Listening to the mix, you can almost feel the energy, the party atmosphere and understand that music conquers all and binds people together. Essential for all pure / hard techno lovers.
Lesha, 10/11/2005 2xCD techno

Live in Beograd (Double Mix CD Compilation)