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 Resonant Recordings
Rino Cerrone Rilis Remixes Rilis Remix 01 

Do we need to introduce once again this Italian label and to explain the impact of its releases on the current electronic scene? First of a ten remixes series to be published on the young Rilis sub-structure, this production offers on A side an awesome Markantonio (Analytic Trail, Tortured Records) tech'house rework of a track written earlier by his compatriot Rino Cerrone (Zenit, Phont, Design Music). Transformed into a dancefloor bomb, the new version enhanced by a well cadenced rhythm delivers a heading melody and an unstoppable groove. Cisco Fereira, now leading alone The Advent, introduces on the reverse a beautiful linear cut marked by a tribal bass line and some funky layers. At last, Napolitan Gaetano Parisio (ART? Drumcode) turns his tune into a quiet clubby piece in a minimal register. A hot, consistent and implacable 12''!
Nexus 6, 11/11/2005 12'' techno

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