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V/A - Total 6 - Kompakt 123 

Kompakt is a very prolific label whose releases are very unequal; therefore you could miss easily one of their awesome bombs. But don't worry, Mister Mayer gives you another chance with this "Total 6". No news but an amazing "best of Kompakt" with the last best tracks of the label. For example, you can hear the romantic Superpitcher ("Tell me about it"), the frightening duet Thomas / Mayer ("Panic room"), the funky Koze ("Hicc up"), the nervous Reinhard ("Ready for take that"), Jurgen "pop" Paape ("Cream")... Only very good stuff you can get in 12'' at last. Eight hits in one LP... More space in DJ bag!!!
David, 28/10/2005 2x12'' house

Total 6