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atome, centrale digitale




France Techno Ural 13 Records
Epy Zentrum Trust 10 

After a successful first collaboration on the excellent compilation "On//Off Music ::Electro Developers Conference" (Trust 03), Klaus Voltmer, Stefan Holek and Nestor Pridun return on Dj Glow's label. Author for more than a decade now of a strong discography on such structures like Craft Records, Sabotage or Pomelo, this Austrian trio delivers here four perfectly arranged minimal electro cuts. Alternating funk and bleepy passages, "Kachel" on A side serves a solid IDM piece aimed for the dancefloor. As fearsome, "Set1" reuses previous elements in a synthetic and without excess construction. Climax of the 12'', "Trackcraft" on the flip oscillates between abstract experiment and dark killer tune, distilling amazing sonorities under a rain of effects. At last, in a more home listening register, "Dreierlei" offers with its heavy bass line a clinic final with lots of US influences. A wonderful EP inspired, chirurgical and innovative at the same time!
Nexus 6, 04/11/2005 12'' electro