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V/A Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol.2 Tokyo Electro Beat Rec. 02 

Those who thought Japan still focused on Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka or Ken Ishii techno sound will be surprised! Born in 2004, TEBR proves that there's from now an electro scene in the raising sun country. After a rather confidential release ("Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol.1"), the first Japanese syncopated label does it again with another EP gathering altogether four of the collective members. On A side, Ayup1ko opens hostilities with "4 Boys & Girls", a frenzied electro-pop tune combining funny melody and heading female vocals. A real successful cut like the "Mind The Beat Explosion" offered by Space Thunder X, an aggressive piece based upon acid flights, furious vocoder and powerful kick. On the flip, AE35 delivers with "Samurai Sword Sharpness" a heavy Miami Electro Bass killer track made of scratches, Kraftwerk samples, and muscled vocals. At last, Yoshihiro Hayashi offers on "Transmission" a Rock' n Roll jewel a la Jackal & Hyde, developing some violent synthetic distortions over a loud bass line. By far, one of 2005 best dancefloor productions. Vital!
Nexus 6, 02/11/2005 12'' electro

Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol.2