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Lone Shark Spoke Duster EP Pyramid Transmissions 07 

First appearance of Lone Shark on the excellent (net) label managed by Andy Jaggers aka ADJ (Touchin' Bass, Outside Recordings) and John Crammer alias Pathic (Longhaul). Successor of Aphex Twin, Juan Atkins and The Blag Dog, UK artist Ed Kelly signs a sumptuous five cuts EP, half way between feverish electronica and pervert ambient. On A side, dark "The Fly Trap" introduces a slow down Drum & Bass rhythm magnified by a wonderful Warp style melody. Remixed by Prozac (Disko B, Serotonin), bleepy "Vortex" delivers a full of emotion electro tune enhanced by superb atmospheric strings. On the reverse, dancefloor "Underground" serves after a depressive introduction some stringing metallic sonorities a la Bitstream. In a lighter register, brilliant "Spoke Duster" combines unstructured bass line, analogical touches, and melancholic tonalities. At last, short "Journey's End" punctuates this hard to class but so audacious 12'' on a weird vintage keyboard solo. To complete the vinyl release, two exclusive tracks are available for download on the store of the site. Check it right now!
Nexus 6, 31/10/2005 12'' experimental

Spoke Duster EP