Mon Jul 13 2020  

atome, centrale digitale
Brixton Elementon Holzplatten 80 

Norbert Wieschollek has never been so prolific than this year! After an album ("eTechno de"), a mixed compilation ("Holzplatten_Zehn") and several solo releases or along with Ramon Zenker from Hardfloor, the German artist signs the eightieth production of his label. Progressive "" opens A side with an aggressive 4/4 rhythm reinforced by some fearsome analogical distortions. As much hypnotic, very successful "Server" keeps the pressure in a bubbling hard techno register made of industrial saturations. On the flip, "Palonyutwor" sounds like the return to a roots music based upon beautiful acid loops and some whirling atmospheric strings. At last, "7102" delivers feverish drums and strong US influenced melody. An excellent 12'' in the pure ravey style, robust and groovy at the same.
Nexus 6, 27/10/2005 12'' techno

Changing Remixes Part I