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 Forte Records
V/A Suicide Bomba / Berzerker - SMB 14 Picture Disc 

In order to celebrate SMB fourteen production, the Dead Silence Syndicate Band presents its very first official output! Collective of six artists gathered around The Dexorcist (Control Tower, Buffalo Frequency), this punk exclusive live crew signs on the flip a "Suicide Bomba" worthy of its memorable performing done at the Teknival of Marigny in France at the beginning 2005. Combining digital machines and acoustic instruments, the track delivers a fearsome violin introduction. Then appears a powerful though slow down Drum & Bass rhythm enhanced by Krude (Audio Illusion) depressive vocals in a Prodigy style, dealing the story of one man trying to resist in a chaotic futurist society. Punctuated by incisive breaks, this dark and innovative killer tune is served on the reverse by an explosive unreleased cut from the like of Bass Junkie (Breakin, Firewire). Battle Trax mastermind shows a corrosive face on the heavy "Berzerker", an alienating piece based upon a rough robotic bass line, some 808 tonalities and a heading old school melody. Both sides filled up with Steve (Ramskull Design) and Ren (Dead Silence) impressive visuals, this murderer Picture Disc in the form of a split EP is a must have for all fresh electro lovers!!!
Nexus 6, 05/10/2005 12'' electro

Suicide Bomba / Berzerker