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Bolz Bolz Electrophonic Funk World Electric 20 

Preview of his forthcoming album to be released on World Electric, this "Electrophonic Funk EP" celebrates the great return of Bolz Bolz on the electro scene with a real new sound. Synthesis of his early analogical influences and his latest musical experiments, the very successful "Alphabet City" on A side shows the German artist under an unexpected face, developing a style strictly focused on the dancefloor in a Blackmass Plastics way. Aggressive Drum & Bass rhythm, Grime digressions and dark electro atmosphere give the track its incomparable energy. As for "Go Away" on the flip, this fearsome breaks killer cut with slow down tempo offers lots of tonalities, from unhealthy distortions to parasite echo passing through abstract melodies. Wicked, groovy, to sum up: vital!!
Nexus 6, 03/10/2005 12'' electro

Electrophonic Funk