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Manasyt vs Sync 24 The SUBsiding E.P Touchin' Bass 15 

Essential complement of the excellent compilation of unreleased tracks recently published on Touchin' Bass, this "SUBsiding E.P" sees the return of two brilliant artists accustomed to Andre Parker's label. The A side signed by Petar Tassev aka Manasyt, the well known Bulgarian from now on located in Detroit, offers a pair of schizophrenic cuts: the mental "Clandestine", based on metallic and industrial sonorities and the frightening "Raw Entrance", a kind of nightmare electro tune centred on a frantic bass line and fearsome old school strings. The face B is entrusted to Sync 24 alias Phil Bolland. Half of the London Cultek band proves with "The Warg" that he's not there to joke, developing a rough and tended music made of analogical higher bid. Some components taken again on "I Don't Know" with in addition an impressive rhythmic work. A complex, pervert and aggressive 12'', check it!
Nexus 6, 28/09/2005 12'' electro

The SUBsiding E.P