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Boris Divider Shutdown The System Drivecom 05 

If you already saw Boris Divider live (Drivecom, Satamile), you certainly know "Shutdown The System". Played systematically at the end of each one of his performances, this melancholic hit is by far the most beautiful and the most successful ever done by the Spanish artist. Expected for a long time in vinyl, here it comes finally pressed in limited copies and accompanied on the same side by its "Bonus Pad". In addition to a striking bass line and a very characteristic vocoder stressing the title of the track, this anticipating jewel offers seizing melodies of analogical synthesizers. As a masterpiece in the already consequent discography of the Drivecom owner, this essential release appears today fully equipped on the flip by "Soul Of My World" (declined in its original versions and "bonus sequence"), a 100% dancefloor slaughter based on an aggressive rhythmic, some delightful dark strings and once again a marvellous synthetic vocal. If one had to retain only one 12'' from Drivecom, it would be that one! Essential.
Nexus 6, 22/09/2005 12'' electro

Shutdown The System