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Interzone Records Electro Alliance
V/A Our Friends Electric Iwari 08 

After seven outputs as discrete as essential, the English structure Iwari signs its first compilation today. Produced in limited quantity, "Our Friends Electric" features along with the instigator Martin Wheeler alias Vector Lovers great names and future talents. Robokid (Archeology) opens the hostilities with "Controversy", an old school electro funk piece filled up with nostalgia and very Detroit strings. In a similar vein, Scape One (Tomorrow, Electrix) introduces an ultra synthetic "Lightcycle" with dancefloor ambitions. Usual of the label, Namke Communications turns his "Electroform" into a small disco hit far from his usually dark productions. Vector Lovers (Soma) offers on the deep "7th Junction" an awesome lounge composition. At last, Monofix (Djax Up Beats) punctuates the 12'' in a dazzling way thanks to a "Sun Abstract" at the same time downtempo, melodic and depressive. As superb as eclectic, this release is a must have!
Nexus 6, 09/09/2005 12'' electro

Our Friends Electric