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Electro CLUST Resonant Recordings
Solar Chrome - I'm A Machine - Maschinen Musik 04 

In addition to a sumptuous artwork done by Richard Marchand, the fourth Maschinen Muzik release offers to Nino Farra his very first vinyl production. With "I'm A Machine" on A side, the young German artist previously published on Elektrolux and Hemisphere submerges us as of the introduction into a dark and futuristic electro. Fearsome strings, vocoder subtly distilled, rhythm a la The Advent, as many synthetic components to transform this first attempt into a complete success. Accompanied by an impressive remix signed by none other than E.V.A.C from New-York (Mutli Music, Napzzz) in a deeper register, this title should attract many of sharp and festive music lovers. T.R.O (Dangerous Drums) on the flip also makes its appearance on Andreas Schmehl's label with the distorted "Turing Machine", an effective cut with old school sonorities and electro booty bass line. Eclectic and fundamentally turned towards the dancefloor, this 12'' is hot!
Nexus 6, 05/09/2005 12'' electro

I'm A Machine