Tue Sep 29 2020  

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Wet, wet, wet... 

La Baleine Bleue organises until the end of October a casting of DJ's, artists and remixers for its series of compilations "Glou-Glou". To participate in this casting you can send to the Baleine : a conventionel CV with picture, a biography related to your DJ / Prod / Rremix activities, a 30mn mix-tape (on cd or k7), a demo or sample of your recent productions / remixes (do not forget to write your name and phone number on each element in order to avoid confusion). Send it to :
La Baleine Bleue
95 Bd Magenta
75010 Paris
Tel : +33 1 48 24 03 49
Fax : +33 1 48 00 07 18

La Baleine Bleue