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When Larry meet Anthony 

Larry McCormick spent 3 years exploring the dark side of electro music. Today, his dreams came true : co-producing a track called "Network Florida" with Anthony Rother, available later this year on German PSI49 rec. With James Wolfe, Resident Alien hopes to launch their music UFO "Frajile Rec" for a larger audience this time; much bigger than Palm Beach / Florida, where the label originally comes from.

- Atome : How did you meet Anthony Rother ?
- Larry Mc Cormick : Anthony and I first met when my friends and I were the first one to book him to play here in the U.S. The club was called Tilt and he actually has footage of that event on his web site psi49net.de. It was the most incredible live performance that I ever saw. There is about 1000 people that were there that would tell you the same. The first time I heard an Anthony Rother Record I thought to myself that this guy is an awesome producer. The first time I met him I thought that he was an awesome person. It is a good feeling to meet someone that you admire and find out that is actually a cool person. But put the music a side and I still consider him a good friend.

- A : What are your musical background and main influences ?
- LMC : Right now I could see Anthony walk on water and spin around and start moon walking. Having the experience of working with him put me at ahead from where I was before. He is a Genius. Scott Weiser from Dynamix II and Jackal & Hyde is also incredible. He works on so many diferent forms and it all is done so well. A master for sure. Also I really get into Carl Finlow. He's the modern day Gary Newman. My background is mainly from old Hip Hop and a little Funk. Krs-One is a Genius in all aspects but especially his consistence. I remember hearing him when I was riding a bicycle around the neighborhood looking for the Ice Cream man. What is incredible is that he is still coming out with dope stuff. That is the ultimate for me. Longevity. The way I would define my music is a reflection of myself. I'm really into what you would call dark but at times I feel it's actually very beautiful. When I'm in different moods I can listen to the a song and at times it's very dark but that same track could actually put a smile on my face. That's how I try to produce as well.

- A : What is the artistic ligne of your label ?
- LMC : The label was actually started by my main man James Wolfe. Now we are partners along with our other label mate Rob. We are just trying to create a sound that we like and if someone else digs than that's a plus. We are tired of the same old crap that people are recycling. If I hear another loop of planet rock or a sample from another rectangle record I will throw up all over myself. That's why we got into this music to begin with. To get away from that song that they play every 15 minutes on every local crap radio station.

- A : Most of electro labels in USA were founded in Detroit. Is it hard to create a new electro label in Florida where you live ?
- LMC : No disrespect but I was never into that detroit sound. I could never tell the records apart from each other so I would get confused. Starting an Electro Label here in Florida is like a double edged sword. In one way you have the one up on everyone because your doing something different but on the other hand it can be a nightmare trying to make people understand what your trying to do. So that's why we don't try to make anyone see anymore. They should figure it out soon. Here in Palm Beach we are very proud of our scene and music. Unlike many places around us that are stuck on that same sound, here we have some people and labels that are trying to innovate. My frajile partners James Wolfe and Uprock, along with my good friends DJ Excel & Draco who are all pretty much on the same page when it comes to trying to keep it proper. The Electro scene here is good but it could be better. With such pioneers as Scott Weiser and Todd Walker being from this area you would figure that you would have more of a true electro following but there is only a handfull. But that is fine with me because I'm not really looking for a hundered people running around with T-Shirts that say "Electro is Cool !".
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Nexus 6, 09/10/2000

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