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France Techno Ural 13 Records
Urban Visioneer - Matrix - Zurich (CH) - 26/08/2000 

Every week-ends at the Matrix, you can see the best of the international electronic scene... There’s always a very good line-up in this beautiful place !!!
This time again, we went there to see most of the Kompakt Team, around Michael Mayer.
It was such a pleasure to listen to this special minimal house they produce... with an expert audience and with cool & relaxed dj’s.... A great time !!
Closer Musik made an incredible live, with powerful sounds, hypnotic and haunting loops, so groovy !! This duet played live their poppy song «one, two, three (no gravity)» : it was so touching !! Just like on the record, Matias Aguayo surprised the audience with his vocals as Dirk leyers was playing guitar... But it sounded very electronic ! ! Good work, guys !! Too bad it wasn’t longer... We wanted to listen to you more and more !!
The main room was a big success too. After the efficient Serafin’s warm-up, Der Dritte Raum played live with a lot of energy... Very good vibes ! Then, the dancers appreciated Claude Young’s set, always dynamic and original : he scratched with his nose and his elbow !! Techno addicts really enjoyed this floor !!
So after this party, we’re always asking ourselves the same question : when will be a club like this in France ??!
Ingrid, 19/09/2000

To listen :
  - Closer Musik :   one two three (no gravity)  realaudio 

Tobias Thomas

Michael Mayer

Der Dritte Raum

Matias Aguayo

Closer Musik

Urban Visioneer