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Interview : Johannes Heil (JH / Kanzleramt) 

- Atome : What are your musical projects during the next few months ? You have a record label now. What is the artistical line of JH ?
- Johannes Heil : it's all based on my ideas, even the artwork. It's like a hole complete story, a combination of visual elements and music. Each part the record has a story. The first one was a warning of the subconscious. Everyone can have his own interpretation of the story so you feel entirely free. If you listen to the music and look at the sleeve, you can start dreaming or loose yourself far, far away... First of all, I'm gonna do four singles. Then I'm gonna do an album which will contain the best tracks of the four singles and some more tracks. My vision is to make a complete thing because I don't like labels who have a cover which is the same all the time. I think my music is big enough to put inside of a story, in a whole screen stuff.

- Atome : Which movies influence you ?
- JH : Matrix really influenced me and the Game too. It's a good movie, it's all about a guy who is a real asshole and he doesn't see the little pieces of life any more. That's really interested me and there are a lot more movies like the Exorcist because it deals with troubles in mind. I really like some of Carpenter's movies cause he's doing the movies and the soundtrack at once. So it's a good combination. I really like that stuff. I'm influenced from a lot of Science fiction movies, dark movies for sure, like Strange Days, you know... everything in a kind of futuristic way. A lot of movies are very lively because of the music. They are really shocking because of the quiet moments and then " tchink... "

- Atome : Why become a promoter after being an artist ?
- JH : I wanted to be free. And I wanted to produce my own idea. That's the only reason. I mean, I know it will take a lot of paper-work but I'm ready to do that because all I did before was to experiment in a studio. Now, part of the experimenting work is over and I know what I'm doing. So I get more time. I want to be free, really free.

- Atome : It's more of a personal project !
- JH : Yeah, I think it's a part of my own internal movie, about my internal trip.

- Atome : Which artists would you like to help with your own label ?
- JH : Help ? Oh, well, my label is not about helping ! My label is about to set myself free and... Whoever ? Whoever would produce with me as a project for my label ? Most of the producers I go in studio with, they don't need any help. We are on the same kind of wavelength, our vision is pretty close to each other, and that's the reason why I wouldn't go in a studio with someone else. JH is made for myself and for projects down with myself. It's not for different artists because I don't want to start a label. All the label works really make me sick because it's a lot of work. If I have ten or twenty different artists, I couldn't go into the studio any more, it would be like a big bunch of paper work !

Johannes Heil projects :
"Future primitive L.P." : third electro-techno-pop album on Kanzleramt.
"The Trinity Project E.P." : electro EP on International Deejay Gigolo 47.
"JH 02" : electro EP with lyrics on his own label.
Nexus 6, 28/09/2000

Johannes Heil

JH 01