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Killa 03 : The Truth is elsewhere ! 

Following the press communiqué from Ben Sims (Theory / Killa bite) last week, we have decided to publish Rob Jarvis's retort. You'll be the only judge...

Hi, some of you might have seen this e-mail, but few will know the real story...
The short note below is my retort.
The original Killa bite team was Rob, Phil and Ben as engineer.
Rob and Phil went round Ben's to record an EP, all 3 artists were equally involved in the making of the tracks, but because we used samples Ben didn't want to put his name to it and said he was only the Engineer.
all three agreed to make a series of 3 releases.
Rob designed came up with the logo of his dog and label name Killa bite, and also set a P&D deal up with the distribution company he was working with at the time.
The the first two EP's got huge reviews, Ben then gave interviews and spoke to Phil and Rob saying that he did not want his name linked with Killa bite anymore, and that he didn't want to be involved in the 3rd release.
Rob made Killa bite 3 with a different Engineer, Ben got upset.
the rest is history....
artist politics is the most boring thing, let the music do the talking.
Thanks for your attention,
Nexus 6, 06/12/2000