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Killa 03 : message from Ben Sims 

Warning, the forthcoming Killabite 03 EP is not produced by Ben Sims (Theory Records / Killabite), it was done by Rob Jarvis without permission... Please read the following message and enlarge the graphic image to look at the disclaimer published in a uk magazine...

hello people.. sorry to drop a mail on you like this but it's probably my only chance of letting you know before it's too late..
attached is a disclaimer i placed in a uk magazine, basically there is a forthcoming ep that will be released as 'killabite 003' but has nothing to do with me or the other unnamed person originally involved.
it is produced by 'rob jarvis' who had little or no involvement in the music featured on the first 2 ep's (he also did a remix on 'projex' under the same name) - he did however think up a name for the project and helped initially sell it, which i guess is the main reason he's trying to cash in on it's suprising success.
unfortunately there doesn't appear to be much i can do legally to prevent this happening or to stop the bootlegging of the first 2 ep's.....as 'killabite' is essentially a bootleg dj tool anyway.
all i can hope is that you do not support this release or any other similar release/remix/repress not generated from the original source, i just want to try and let as many people as possible that i have nothing to do with this release and that i'm not fucking happy about it.
i will continue the series myself next year.
thank you for your time, please do me the personal favour of forwarding this mail to every dj/shop/magazine/distributor you know and help me distance myself from this release before it hits the shops.
if you have any questions or wish to drop me a mail please feel free....
thanks again, ben sims.
Nexus 6, 01/12/2000

Killa 03 disclaimer