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Electro CLUST Ural 13 Records
Binder Vs. Lambart - Spectrum EP - Northbeatz Audio 06 

Sixth release of the techno label launched in 2005 by Michael Lambart also known as Klopfgeistsyndikat. Author of a young but strong discography on Mental breakdown, Apwood Recordings, Giant And Dwarf or even Ex-fusion, the German artist signs here two cuts of this four tracks EP completed by Chris Binder (Rotation, Holzplatten, Cluster, Primal Confusion). "Shape Scan" opens the A side with a groovy bassline reinforced by pumpking distorsions and a vocoder a la LFO stressing these heading words: "Electronic Control". A real dancefloor burner! More clubby, "Overdose" liberates under a tribal rhythmic some heavy drums fully equipped with Detroit styler melodies. Brilliant. On the flip, "Nightlife" goes on in a harder register, offering to a powerful beat feverish hypnotic sonorities. At last, "Generate To Vibrate" with its bleepy atmosphere, concludes on a dark and punchy note a fantastic production called to a promising future on the dancefloors. Congratulations!
Nexus 6, 15/08/2006 12'' techno

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