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Electro CLUST
Manasyt - Atlantis - Bunker 56 

Initiated by guy Tavares's legendary label Bunker Records from Holland, "Robot Dystopia" is a series of limited vinyl's (only 350 copies) turned into a dancefloor but experimental electro. What was more natural than entrusting to Petar Tassev aka Manasyt, who showed his musical brutal unealthy talent on labels such like Touchin' Bass, Roulette Rekordz and Kommando 6, the production of this fifty-six release with evocative subtitle: "Experimenten Met Mensen En Monsters" ("Experiments with humans and monsters"). As much doors flanking the sides of a long psychiatric corridor, the eight tracks of this evil mini-album open through apocalyptic lands combining industrial synthesisers, horrorific sonorities and wild beats. If influences of the Bulgarian artist can be find on the Detroit area, his dark style made of stiring melodies and clinic distorsions stays personal. Constantly pushing the boundaries of a genre often too rigid, Manasyt consolidates with "Atlantis" his reputation of impossible to miss electro psychopath. In the vein of I-F and Electronome productions. Excellent!
Nexus 6, 14/08/2006 12'' electro