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Dr. Futurist - Siphon (The Synthetic Prometheus) - Science City 25 

Follow up to the vibrating "The Complete Gamma Function EP" published in 2004, "Siphon (The Synthetic Prometheus)" offers us to get a glimpse of the 27th century sound. Back on the Leipzig label under a pseudo he already tested on Tomorrow Records, master of synthetism Kurt Baggalaey signs again a 12'' equal to his reputation. Digest of mechanic funk, "Meridian (Standby To Broadcast)" opens A side with a very melancholic construction based upon a frantic rhythm, some efficient pads and lots of sensible atmospheric strings. More classic, "Cybernetic (Suspect May Not Be Human)", with its Sci-Fi movie samples, comes closer to one of the best cuts ("Insept Dates") the UK artist ever did on World Electric. On the flip, the minimal electro oriented "Siphon (Investigation Directive)" finds the way to the dancefloors thanks to its crazy dark analogic touch. At last, the deep and home listening "Simulated Intellect (The Malevolent Confine)", with its surprising concept, offers a sumptuous conclusion to this fully captivating release. If the future soundtrack is written by Scape One, please be quick to create teleportation!
Nexus 6, 03/08/2006 12'' electro

Siphon (The Synthetic Prometheus)