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V/A - Electro Endeavours Volume 1 - B.F.P 01 

Michael Spencer promises a series of exceptional compilations to be released on his very young label Bass Frequency Productions. And considering the quality of the first output, we can fully trust him! Featuring artists of Monotone USA Records and Nu Illusion, "Electro Endeavours Volume 1" delivers four sonic explosions, in the forefront of Electro Bass. Taken from the "Evolve" CD album published by Nuff Nuff Music, delightful "Clarity", awaited for more than five years in its vinyle version, opens the A side of the 12''. Written by Larry McCormick aka Exzakt (Datapunk, Satamile, E.M.F), this bomb with subtle Detroit influences, first liberates a powerful bass line, emphasized by well placed claps, then introduces an anthologic string that comes to blow everything. No doubt the most emotional cut ever done by the Boynton Beach located producer in Florida. In a more industrial register, Rob Real alternates on robotic "Not Human Nor Cyborg" distorted saturations and Sci-Fi effects for an explosive final result. On an apocalyptic rhythm a la Jacka & Hyde, Cryotron on the reverse offers a devastating "Obey My Master". Combining with skill futuristic vocoder, dark sonorities and mental break, this nasty cut is made for optimal damages on the dancefloors. Remixed by Mekanizm and Urban J, the original looses in aggressivity but wins more old school digressions. Heavy, sharped, vital, a real shaking EP!
Nexus 6, 02/08/2006 12'' electro

Electro Endeavours Volume 1