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NIN - Exzakt Remixes - NVE 01 Ltd 

At the forefront of the Californian alternative rock scene, Gothic band Nine Inch Nails has made for itself a sulphurous reputation since 1988 thanks to the violent melodies and modern themes such like religion, system reject or self-destruction pushed by its charismatic leader Trent Reznor. At the moment in a long US tour, let's listen to the wonderful remixes done by Larry McCormick aka Exzakt (Monotone USA, Datapunk, Satamile) of two cuts released by the group last year on Island Records. On A side, "Only", divided in vocal and dub (instrumental) versions, liberates under evil electric guitar riffs, a feverish syncopated bass line. If this electro pop tune works perfectly, the mechanic reception reserved by the US artist to "The Hand That Feeds" on the flip confines to genius. Under a high quality Miami Bass rhythmic, the impossible to circumvent Electroalliance forum administrator signs a hallucinating dancefloor slaughter punctuated by distorted breaks, industrial synthesizer flights and heading vocals. Giving to NIN an incredible sonic treatment, Larry McCormick, author elsewhere of a sumptuous 2006 rework of BFX's "Alone" masterpiece on Made From Concentrate, successes where many remixers failed. Published on an ultra limited Dj edition, this 12'' is strictly lethal!
Nexus 6, 01/08/2006 12'' electro

Exzakt Remixes