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Scape One - Shockwave Rider EP - Pnuma 02 

After a first techno shot by French producers Lee Van Dowski & Quenum, the very young subdivision of legendary Dance Music platform Soma Records changes course. Giving Scape One (Iwari, Electrix, Tomorrow Records, Satamile) the opportunity to produce its second output, the experimental Glasgow located structure evolves into a more syncopated style. Emblematic face of the made in UK electro scene, Kurt Baggaley distillates his synthetic funk in four perfectly orchestrated cuts. Alternating bubbling bass line and full of nostalgic artificial layers, "Shockwave Rider" in overture offers a well rhythmic jewel with a fantastic melody hanging over. In a home listening downtempo register, "The Mind Cage" invites to a deep and sweet musical break, like a moment of peaceful rest after a long spatial travel. Focusing on the dance floors, feverish "Flashback" spreads its minimal distortions and metallic tonalities in an ultra futuristic spirit. At last, hide in the darkness, hypnotic "Klaatu" delivers unhealthy digressions for our higher happiness. Another masterpiece from one of the best stellar pilots of the galaxy, in the perfect prolongation of the previous "The Future... It Will Never Be The Same" album published in 2003 on Kône Records.
Nexus 6, 13/07/2006 12'' electro

Shockwave Rider EP