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Data - Trop Laser EP - Ekler'O'Shock 09 

Data has to be compared with Kiko. Heir of the Daft Punk generation, promising David Guillon, a twenty-years old french Hip Hop DJ, introduces his long awaited first EP on Mathieu "Buzz l'Ekler" Gazier's Paris located label with a serious club hit and three unreleased cuts. Spread on the internet for nearly a year now, heading "J'aime Pas l'Art" in overture of A side, delivers at last its unforgetable intro with furious but funny lyrics ("J'aime pas l'art, c'est nul, c'est quoi ce papier aluminium, ce centre aéré? Merde!" which means "I hate art, it's useless, what's the goal of this aluminium paper, this gallery? Shit!") and easy as efficient chiptune melody. Half way between electro pop and surboosted techno! In a similar register, "Paste Back" gathers together sharped rhythm, groovy analogic tonalities and synthesiser flights. Audacious "Master Level" on the flip combines hard kick and nostalgic modulations of high quality. At last, "7 Months To Forget" turns into a 80's retro funk style anthem, offering perfectly orchestrated vintage strings. With such a 12'', the French touch is still alive!
Nexus 6, 12/07/2006 12'' techno

Trop Laser EP