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Electro CLUST Forte Records
Justin Maxwell - Pillow Filter - Pretension 05 

After the worrying "M-439 Class A EP", co-written with Limbertimbre, Justin Maxwell (Trapez, Palette, World electric) orchestrates solo the fifth sound assault of Pretension Records, the Californian label he manages along with Bass Kittens. Marrying robotic groove, carefull sound design and avant-gardism, "Pillow Filter" serves on A side a fearsome new school electro construction based on a progressive yet distorted rhythmic, reinforced in the middle of the track by an ultra sophisticated DSP programming. A monument of complexity with subtle melodies and mecanic effects re-used on the flip side original version ("Pillow Filter Insectiod Inversion"), some synthetic textures of arpegio in addition. At last, in a more mental register, "Is That A Gameboy Or A Cellphone" delivers an evilistic exercise of futuristic modulations where explosive break and psychotic loops combine with maestria. A pure dancefloor advanced electro anthem signed by a Justin Maxwell at the best of his possibilities. This banging EP offers a unique audio treatment. Vital!
Nexus 6, 11/07/2006 12'' electro

Pillow Filter