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 Ural 13 Records
Ed Devane - The Squirm EP - Touchin' Bass 21 

Revealed this year on Spacebar Sentiments 02 after a flash appearance along with Redmonk and Thatboytim in 2005 on Takeover Records 06, Irish Edward J. Devane signs today his very first EP on Touchin' Bass, setting out in four points his theory of sound chaos. "Giant Bassmantix" opens the A side on an amazing scaffolding of industrial layers and incisive electro breaks rhythm. In a similar register, "Doubt" offers an apocalytpic track marked by paranoiac distorsions of high blackness. Aggressive without being violent, "Ramsek" goes on in an electrocore experimental style on the flip, based upon a powerful though unrestrained beat, some devastating breaks and few light melodies. As for evil "Memorandum", the cut delivers a nasty pile of delightful saturations under a frantic tempo. Tormented, consequently brilliant!
Nexus 6, 05/07/2006 12'' electro

The Squirm EP