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Interzone Records
Mariel Ito - My Cyborg Depths - SCSI-AV 19 

Published early in 2006 on Daz Quayle's excellent UK imprint, the first electro opus to date from Eric Estornel under his Mariel Ito moniker stays by far one of the year references. Displaying a whole audio weaponry, US producer, yet more used to 4/4 rhythms on Treibstoff or Iron Box, introduces in height tracks his unique savoir-faire in a matter of forward thinking and syncopated music. If "Form Function" in overture gives to the album its general tone marked by a remarkable sense of digital aesthetics, "Syndrome", "Dream Deception", "Torn & Reborn" or "Satisfied Death" alternate between poignant tunes and off the chain slaughters. Sometimes minimal, sometimes tense, deep, mental, dark, tormented and futuristic, "My Cyborg Depths" shows with faithfulness the so particular universe of his author made of sweet melodies, harmonious subtleties and stylized boldness. Grade A to fearsome "Remorse Attack", "Destinos" and "Tiny Destructor". More than fifty minuts of pur electronic delight. Expected soon on AI Records and Connaisseur Recordings, the Affected Music and Spacebar Sentiments artist is a producer to follow!
Nexus 6, 04/07/2006 CD electro

My Cyborg Depths