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France Techno Electro Alliance
The Wee Dj's Fear And Lothian Touchin' Bass 20 CD 

Still inclined to surprise, Andrea Parker's structure presents today its very first album. Programmed by enigmatic Dave Being, author of a copious discography on Gassoline, SCSI-AV, Digital Distorsions and recently Spacebar Sentiments, "Fear And Lothian", a high quality electro opus, appears as a real sound challenge, in the perfect extension of the UK label's artistical line. In ten mastered tracks, the Edinburg based artist shows an unlimited creativity, imposing his so particular universe made of audio abstractions and filthy mental experiments. In turn dark, unhealthy, worrying, gritty or industrial, this essential release reveals itself as much captivating as clinic, thanks among others to the incredible energy distilled in each cut. Grade A to the anthologic "Money", "Weemyth", "430", "Annoy", "Derhar" and "Base" pieces that will create irreparable damages on the dancefloor. Murky and unique, congratulations!!
Nexus 6, 13/06/2006 CD electro

Fear And Lothian