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Electro CLUST Forte Records
Snog Car Crash Rema[k]es [K]rack-troni[k] 10 

The return of David Thrussell on the Birmingham based electro breakbeat structure. After a well received first shot, remixed with talents by artists such like Volum, Ubin or SAEFF, the australian producer delivers today another of his hard to class compositions taken from his forthcoming album to be released on Metropolis USA label. Half way between Dakar & Grinser's (Disko B) industrial pop and Prince's funk, "Car Crash" introduces on A side a distorted electro made richer by some funny two voice lyrics. Turned into a feverish dancefloor piece by the like of Tim Wright aka Speed Baby (Novamute, BowWow, Sativae), the cut opts for a UK typical grime register over an accelerated tempo. Sir Real's version (Round Records, Snafu recordings) keeps all the original components, although the rhythm evolves into a frantic breakbeat. As for 8-Bit Apocalypse's rework (Dangerous Drums, Hymen Records), probably the best and the most audacious of the three tracks, it turns into an acid electro bass enhanced by wonderful melodies. Fresh, eclectic and brilliantly orchestrated!
Nexus 6, 08/06/2006 12'' electro

Car Crash Rema[k]es