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DJ Controlled Weirdness South London Bass EP Unearthly 06 

Published in October 2005, Unearthly sixth production deserved to appear on our pages. Signed and produced by Dj Controlled Weirdness, recently heard on Dirty Needles and Thorn Industries, this "South London Bass EP" offers a complete immersion into UK Neil Keating's decadent universe. In overture of A side, the title track delivers an electro grime onslaught marked by a heading vocoder, a mental bassline and lots of sound distortions. More aggressive and groovy, "Let's Jam" introduces an ultra dancefloor hit, breakbeat rhythm in the background, while "Bass Rock Edit" serves some beautiful urban strings. At last, perverse "Marble Madness" with its frantic drums punctuates the 12'' on a vicious but percussive note. This serious production with lots of Hip-Hop reminiscences will satisfy lovers of high sensations.
Nexus 6, 16/05/2006 12'' electro

South London Bass EP