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Bass Junkie Vs The Dexorcist Battle Cry EP Battle Trax 12 

First split EP to be released on Battle Trax, this twelfth production introduces a fratricidal and musical fight between two regular to the label artists. On A side, Bass Junkie opens fire with a couple of his stunning sound assaults: "Kill The Humanoid", in the perfect prolongation of "Berzerker", his previous slaughter on SMB 14. Combining Sci-Fi melodies and robotic bass, this devastating cut appears completed on the vocoder by Scratch D aka David Noller, founder of the legendary band Dynamix II. Then comes long awaited remix of "Dark times" (originally produced by The Dexorcist on Control Tower 02) in an ultra dancefloor technological version, enhanced by Star Wars samples. On the flip, The Dexorcist executes in response two relentless audio raids with at first an unreleased remix of Cybernet System's classic "Robot Movement". In a deadly B-Boy breaks register, this digest of funk combines with skill cuts, funky guitars and astonishing bass. At last, "Fear Teacher" returns into an electro bass classic style based upon depressive industrial strings. A vital and titanic EP!
Nexus 6, 12/05/2006 12'' electro

Battle Cry EP