Sat May 21 2022  

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V/A Pick Your Perversion EP Touchin' Bass 18 

Otto Von Schirach belongs to those musical talented aliens (in the same way as Aphex Twin) who are able to manipulate machines like no other and equipped with an unlimited creativity. Author of a vertiginous discography on Schematic, the Florida based artist follows the steps of his Secret Frequency Crew compatriots by joining Andrea Parker's structure. On complex "Trick Snitch", the US producer signs a highly nasty dance floor slaughter made of unstoppable audio assaults, unstructured rhythms (from electro to booty passing through breaks), and at last distorted lyrics. Amazing and really hard to describe. On the reverse, Romulo Del Castillo and Joshua Kay from well known Phoenecia band (Schematic, Warp Records) deliver on "Boom Bonique Plague" a more abstract cut, based upon experimental tonalities, synthetic explosions and an overbid of dark strings. A corrosive double headed EP that suits perfectly to Touchin' Bass artistic line! Vital.
Nexus 6, 11/05/2006 12'' electro

Pick Your Perversion EP