Sat May 21 2022  

atome, centrale digitale
 Resonant Recordings
Microthol - Microkosmos - Trust 11 

Microthol in long format, here's what Dj Glow's label offers today with the very first album of Philipp Haffner and Constantin Zeileissen. Well known for its brilliant minimal experiments on Trust, Pomelo, Puzzlebox or indigo:inc, the Vienna based duo signs here a high quality opus combining with success electro sonorities, acid loops and italo-disco tonalities. In twelve wonderful cuts, the Austrian artists demonstrate their eclectic taste showing a perfect skill in manipulating their vintage analogical gears. Sometimes downtempo, sometimes ambient, dancefloor or even home listening, "Microkosmos" offers a unique travel through time and space, from the birth of acid music in Chicago to the first steps of electro in Detroit by the middle of the 80's. Full of retro and nostalgic melodies, a real pleasure to listen to.
Nexus 6, 21/04/2006 CD electro