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V/A - Hart Und Troken Vol.3 - Ex-Fusion Records 03 

If the second release from the young German label Ex-fusion was a little bit confusing, this Picture Disc (limited to 500 copies) convinces perfectly! As usual since its launch, the Solingen structure gathers together four talents for a feverish hard-techno focused compilation. On the flip, Crazy X-Ray (Giant & Dwarf, Decomplex Audio) opens fire with "Rocken!", a remarkable progressive cut alternating linear bass and full of FX breaks. Constructed on the same outline, "Killah", an industrial fury signed by V R Porno, offers some vibrating breakbeat reminiscences. On the reverse, mysterious Oziris introduces on "Buy Him Or Kill Him" a mental work with devastating rhythm. At last, EKT concludes the 12'' with "Schellack Schabrack", a frantic tune based upon German lyrics and a heavy beat. Ideal to shake the dancefloor!
Nexus 6, 19/04/2006 12'' techno

Hart Und Troken Vol.3