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Interzone Records
Trestristestigres - No Windows No TV EP - Metalik 01 

This is the first output of the very promising electro label Metalik from the like of Trestristestigres. Having done some brilliant works on Dona-Li and Kône, the Spanish trio featuring Christian Ruiz, Jordi Carreras aka Dj Gore and Carlos Fraile, signs here a high quality three cuts EP made of heading melodies. On A side, "No Windows No Tv", with its Detroit flavour, delivers a brilliant arpegio construction under a rather serious vocoder and lots of bubbling synthesizer tones. More dancefloor oriented, "Infect" combines a groovy 4/4 rhythm with some subte vocals and pop strings. At last, half way between Transparent Sound and Mulletronic styles, "B-Sunrise" concludes the 12'' with a syncopated jewel deep and atmospheric at the same. Relaxing and remarkabe especially at a time where most of the electro productions turns into harder sonorities.
Nexus 6, 17/04/2006 12'' electro

No Windows No TV EP