Sat May 21 2022  

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A1 People - No One Likes A Smartarse EP - Satamile 30 

You maybe heard them already on Hydrogen Dukebox, their favourite label. Yet, here they come today on Satamile! Authors of three albums, about ten 12'' and as much remixes, Simeon Bowring and Matt Early, a famous UK duo in the London clubs since 1997, deliver here three fearsome cuts deliberately focused on the dancefloor. On A side, colourful longlpayer "No One Likes A Smartarse" offers a bubbling production based upon a powerful rhythm and some feverish groovy strings. More distorted on the reverse, "Crash" turns into an unstoppable robotic new school electro while "From Detroit" evolves into a more roots sound combining funky and synthetic tonalities. An excellent EP, eclectic and efficient at the same time!
Nexus 6, 23/03/2006 12'' electro

No One Likes A Smartarse EP