Sat May 21 2022  

atome, centrale digitale
 Forte Records
V/A - Spiegelwelten / Dark Ages - Holzplatten 82 

Three new recruits come to reinforce this month the Holzplatten pool of artists. On A side, the Reichow brothers under their Drumcomplex moniker (Toneman, TST, Rotation Records) join together with Chris Binder (Friendly Fire Records, Primal Confusion, PlanetNatus) to offer a strictly destructive "Spiegelwelten". In a hard techno register, the cut delivers a dancefloor rhythm increasing the drums before it turns into a distorted bomb based upon some industrial bubblings and an aggressive bass line. On the reverse, mysterious Andrea Quirico, under his NKDJ name code, signs a rather mental "Dark Ages" that provides powerful kick and hypnotic break. Serious and solid, a very good 12''!
Nexus 6, 22/03/2006 12'' techno

Spiegelwelten / Dark Ages