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Interzone Records
Umwelt - Galvanic Vestibular Simulation - Satamile 33 

No doubt Umwelt will join the closed ring of the best electro producers of the year with his very first electro album on Satamile. Let's say straightaway that this fantastic opus appears today as an essential output and seduces as much for the quality of its tracks than for the unique touch of the artist. Both available in double vinyl (eight cuts) and CD format (featuring three unreleased bonus), "Galvanic Vestibular Simulation" brings out the personal savoir-faire of our Rhone Alpes located genius at ease into dark and mental music. Just like "Don't Trust Me", "ESA", "Secret Of A Black World Pt.2", "Mogul" or even "Elysium", the French alternates in a perfect homogeneity fearsome syncopated laments and sound jewels tinted with industrial tonalities. As the manager of Fundata and Shelter labels, Freddy J doesn't forget to distillate several dancefloor pearls such as "Kiss In The Dark", "Secret Of A Black World Pt.1" and "Outlaw", with full of emotion synthetic melodies that we will keep in mind for a long time. Captivating and deep at the same, this future classic album has to be bring closer to Scape One and Heuristic Audio productions. Essential!
Nexus 6, 21/03/2006 2x12'' electro

Galvanic Vestibular Simulation