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Electro CLUST Forte Records
Newcleus - Destination Earth - Dominance Electricity 30 

No need to introduce Newcleus, one of the most influencial Hip Hop quatuor of all time based in NY in the mid 80's, precursor of the electrofunk genre and author of classics "Jam On Revenge", "Computer Age", "Jam On It" or "Space Is The Place". Following the wave of the unexpected comebacks initiated over the last few months by Egyptian Lover or even Arabian Prince, the legendary band reduced today to Ben "Cozmo D" Cenac comes out of the darkness to offer the definitive and no doubt the best version of "Destination Earth", previously released as an instrumental by Sunnyview Records in 1984 on "Jam On Revenge" album. Besides an old school rhythm and some nostalgic synthesizer strings, the track appears with new vocals dealing the story of a man trying to escape from a depressive world by using a time machine. Melodic and superb like the restored "Why", second unreleased cut of the A side, combining piano, vocoder and light jazzy remasterised loops. On the flip, Sbassship and Reeno deliver respectively their own vision of "Destination Earth". Faithful to the original, Dominance Electricity co-manager re-uses some previous elements but adds his personal touch for an amazing final result. As for the founder of Spazzoid Records and Globalfunkradio, the US artist signs a rather analogical remix full of soul. Fully equipped with a wonderful art work from the like of Bill Wray (who worked on the 90's cult cartoon "Ren & Stimpy" along with famous Bob Camp from Marvel), this fantastic EP is definitively more than a collection object!! Vital!
Nexus 6, 20/03/2006 12'' electro

Destination Earth