Sat May 21 2022  

atome, centrale digitale
 Forte Records
Lowfish Science Persuades Best EP Satamile 31 

Well known from the other part of the Atlantic for his numerous works on labels such as Ersatz Audio, Ghostly International and Succion since 1997, Gregory de Rocher is often classified as an electronica artist. Early influenced by Nitzer Ebb industrial music, then by the Warp Records sound experiments, the Canadian signs today a fearsome neo-post electro wave EP for his first appearance on Satamile. "Science Persuades Best" introduces under beautiful melodic digressions a well done dancefloor rhythm similar to Bytecon's style. Much darker, "Wahaha" joins the current dark new school electro productions. On the other hand,"8_0p", based upon fantastic analogical strings, delivers a wonderful deep and full of emotions construction. At last, "Cancel/Continue", in a register close to ambient, brings the 12'' into IDM sonorities. Rich and eclectic, this EP suits perfectly to the artistic line of Andrew A. Price's label.
Nexus 6, 02/03/2006 12'' electro

Science Persuades Best EP