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France Techno
Spinks 21 Knockouts EP Buffalo Frequency 03 

Temptation is often high, in particular after successes such like the one encountered by Buffalo Frequency 02, to reedit the exploit by offering new tracks approximately similar to the previous ones. Thanks God, talented Spinks aka Nadi Poraz (Doxa, Helicon, Ak Duck) doesn't fall into the trap. Taken from his live-act performed from UK to Japan passing through Belgium, the three tracks featured today offer a perfect combination between Hard Electro Bass and post-industrial Breaks. On A side, longplayer "21 Knockouts" starts from the very first seconds with a brutal and ultra-punchy bass line. Then come some subtle distortions, juxtaposed in successive layers ones after the others, before the title stops. Just to better come back in an apocalyptic explosion. Georges bush would speak about a mass destruction weapon! On the flip, "Heat Rizin" goes on by including some efficient old school vocals. The cut slows down at the end, in a Hip Hop final a la Michael Forshaw. Amazing. At last, "Anger Voltage" leans over a Miami Sound anthem with its deep and abrasive tonalities similar to Jackal & Hyde style. A must have in the form of a masterly audio assault!
Nexus 6, 01/03/2006 12'' electro

21 Knockouts EP