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 Electro Alliance
V/A Over The Counter Culture Vol.2 Spacebar Sentiments 02 

Second chapter of the highly corrosive quadrilogy initiated by Jean Paul Bondy! If two of the four artists featured today on the 12'' have already appeared on the previous release, Bass Kittens & Volum give away their place to Edward J Devane for an extremely dark "Money For Beer", half way between electro breaks and 4/4 experiments. As for Pal Secam Kidz, they've been replaced by US Limbertimbre, author on "Jebem Ti Sunce" of an unhealthy and fearsome cut. As told above, Silicon Scally and the wee djs sign respectively on the flip their second contribution to the US label. Yet located in Paris, the SCSI-AV artist delivers a quite linear "Recognition Storm" that could be easily compared to his early works on Firewire or Satamile. At last, UK artists from Gassoline and Digital Distortions offer on "Sineful" a beautiful bleepy construction. Combining low-frequencies, broken rhythms, sharped beats and filmy strings, this UFO joins the best ones published by Noodles Discotheque or Pretension. A must have!
Nexus 6, 28/02/2006 12'' electro

Over The Counter Culture Vol.2