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V/A - No otha mutha / Stars on 33 - 33 Throwdown 07 

In the vein of Howlin' Records and B Boy Beats & Pieces productions, 33 Throwdown's seventh release will satisfy all the lovers of Old School sonorities. Launched by Dj Atomic Dog and Just Brian, the British label finds again one of its best representatives in the name of Dj Dren, who took also part of its creation back in 2002 (Million Dollar Records, Delic, Play Recordings, Hammer' ed). Associated here with Don Don Funk, the Cornwall based artist delivers on A side a wonderful tribute to 80's electro funk. Attention, it's not about plagiarizing or going back into false nostalgia. The tracks really sound like as if they had been recorded twenty years ago, humour in addition. If SP12 and 808 combine perfectly on "Future Sock", "No Otha Mutha" (also available in its "Mutha Beats" instrumental variation) gathers altogether ingredients for a hit: slow Hip Hop rhythm, scratches at the right moment, discrete piano melodies and almost all a heading flow of lyrics. More turned into dancefloor purposes, the flip offers two versions of "Stars On 33" (original and edit cuts). Showing a perfect skill in the Cut And Paste technique, the Saxon Scoundrels sign two killer tunes made of incredible sound collages, sampling rap classics as well as forgotten breaks pieces. A pure beauty that can't be missed!
Nexus 6, 10/02/2006 12'' electro

No otha mutha / Stars on 33