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France Techno
Muallem - Frankie Splits - Compost 208 

Half way between urban Hip Hop and sweet House, "Frankie Splits" signs David Muallem's first album. Author of two recent EP's on Michael Reinboth's eclectic structure, this 26-year old talent from Munich delivers today a remarkable opus with Anglo-Saxons sonorities. And we must talk about a real feat here so much this fourteen cuts CD (plus a hidden bonus track) sounds as if it was recorded somewhere between New-York and London. Conceived like a private and interior trip inside Muallem's dreams, this work introduces lots of prestigious collaborations. Martine Girault, The Droids, Audrey, Marc Frank, Lyrics Born, Wordsworth, Beans, Shawn Lee and Amazon so have lent their voices or even helped to write some of the lyrics. As for Muallem, he signs with daring an implacable soundtrack made of old school melodies, B Boy rhythms, combining feverish scratches to outdated synthesizers passing through electric guitar. Grade A to the sumptuous "Are You Ready? (Turn Off The Lights)", "New Thunder", "Cruising", "Havin' Fun With It" and "B About It", some funky cuts! To listen at home when the day falls and the sun carries its red colour at the horizon.
Nexus 6, 09/02/2006 CD downtempo

Frankie Splits