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Interzone Records
V/A - Over the counter culture vol.1 - Spacebar Sentiments 01 

Hard to avoid this incredible production with careful design, available in most of the current charts. First of a series of four compilations to be released on Volsoc ex-member Jean-Paul Bondy's new label (Compost, Delikat Records, Noodles Discotheque), "Over The Counter Culture" successes at the same time to gather altogether artists with indisputable talent and to offer four cuts of an astonishing quality. Focused on a mutant, complex and ambitious electro, this 12'' opens with a remarkable dancefloor work from the like of Silicon Scally (SCI-AV, Satamile). If "Borexino" surprises with its powerful bass line and funky tonalities, Bass Kittens & Volum's alienating "Big Band Broadband" introduces amazing futuristic eerie sonorities. Captivating and impressive at the same time! The B side is on a similar interest thanks to the respective efforts of the wee djs (Gasoline, Digital Distorsions) and Pal Secam Kidz (Konsequent). While UK artists deliver on "9K" an offensive breakbeat piece, the Leipzig native trio offers with "Flatblock 209" a wonderful construction showing deep and dark elements a la Bitstream. Innovative, perfect and essential, this record shouldn't leave your flight-case for a while.
Nexus 6, 08/02/2006 12'' electro

Over the counter culture vol.1